Heritage Locations

Castlefield, Manchester

A massive and historic canal and railway complex in the centre of Manchester, the first Urban Heritage Park and a Conservation Area..

Heaton Park Tramway, Manchester

Heaton Park Tramway (P Turner)

Sole surviving element of Britain's second largest tramway system 

Manchester Exchange Station

This centrally located station in Manchester provided a grand entry into the city but was closed in 1969.

Manchester Ship Canal Railway - Detroit Bridge, Salford

Twin-track swing bridge built in 1941 to carry part of the 231 mile Manchester Ship Canal Railway, the largest private railway in the United Kingdom

Queens Road Tram depot - Manchester

Now housing the Museum of Transport, Greater Manchester, this was opened in 1901 as the city's first electric tram depot.  It was subsequently expanded, in 1928 and 1935, to give a maximum capacity, of trams and buses, of 275 vehicles.