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Ouse Valley Viaduct

Ouse Valley Viaduct (R Carpenter)

Probably the most elegant viaduct in Britain

Ouseburn Viaduct

Ouseburn Viaduct (B Cottrell)

Intricate structure originally formed of timber arches on stone piers

Outwood Viaduct, Radcliffe

A Grade II listed structure crossing the river Irwell on the former railway between Clifton Junction and Bury.

Over Bridge, Gloucester

The lowest crossing of the river Severn before the Severn Crossings, it was built by Telford in 1828 and is a scheduled Ancient Monument.

Oxford Rewley Road Station

Oxford Rewley Road Station

Neither in Oxford nor any longer a railway station, dismantled and moved to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre as a Visitor Centre.