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Point Lynas Lighthouse

An unusual lighthouse in the form of a castellated house, originally where the Liverpool pilots were stationed.



Period of construction:
1800 - 1849

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Point Lynas Caravan Park, Llaneilian, LL68 9LT

LL68 9LT

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Point Lynas Lighthouse is situated on the north coast of Anglesey. As early as 1766 the need was felt for a station on Anglesey where ships making for Liverpool could pick up pilots. The Liverpool Pilotage Service, after examining several sites, eventually chose Point Lynas.

At first the early pilots used a farmhouse as their lookout post. After 1779 they used two oil lamps with Hutchinsons small metal reflectors set into a tower and showing in two directions. The new lighthouse was built in 1835 by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board at a cost £1,165. It is unusual in having a castellated tower and walls giving it the appearance of a Victorian country house rather than a lighthouse. The light is behind a large bow window on the ground floor.

Trinity House assumed responsibility for Point Lynas on 2nd April, 1973. The lighthouse is a low castellated structure painted white with the round lens room connected to the seaward side of the building. The station is fully automated, the power source being electric, and is backed up by standby generators which cut in should the mains power fail.

There is also an automatic fog detector which starts the fog signal should the visibility drop to less than 2½ miles.


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Opening Times:
The lighthouse is not open to the public but is readily visible.

How To Find:
By Road: It is approached along the A5025 coastal road. Follow signs to Llaneilian. In the village there is a convenient car park. Follow the marked path on foot.


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