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Brandy Wharf Bridge

A neat little cast iron road bridge by Sir John Rennie dating from 1831.


Period of construction:
1800 - 1849

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Brandy Wharf, River Ancholme, Lincolnshire, DN21 4RU

DN21 4RU

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This cast iron bridge was built over the river Ancholme in 1831 by Sir John Rennie. It was occasioned by drainage works. The ribs were cast by the Butterley Co. The bridge suffered deformation due to the passage of a heavy load, possibly during World War I. In 1988 a sensitive strengthening was carried out by the Lincolnshire County Council with the insertion of steel beams between the cast iron ribs. At the same time the cast iron plate deck was replaced with concrete. As a result the original cast iron ribs are no longer load bearing but the attractive appearance is preserved.

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Visible at all times.

How To Find:
By Road: On B 1205 Waddingham Road between Waddingham and South Kelsey.


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