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Shrewsbury Station

Important T M Penson junction station with a distinctly Oxbridge college flavour.

T M Penson

Period of construction:
1800 - 1849

Transport Trust plaque:

Transport Mode:

Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury, SY1 2DQ


Nearest Town:

Heritage Centre:

This fine station was opened in 1849. The first railway was from Chester which arrived in 1848. It was followed by lines to Crewe, Wolverhampton, the Severn Valley, Hereford, and Welshpool. The architect was T. M. Penson who was responsible for a number of stations in the Welsh Marches. (see Hereford entry). In this instance the style appears to have been influenced by an Oxbridge college with its mildly Tudor character, central clock tower, and castellations, and mullion windows.

The building is unusual, in that the station was later extended in 1901 by the construction of a new floor underneath the original station building. The station's platforms also extend over the River Severn. It was operated jointly by the Great Western Railway (GWR) and the London and North Western Railway (LNWR).

Severn Bridge Junction signal box, at the south end of the station and built by the LNWR, is the world's largest operational mechanical signal box, with a frame accommodating 180 levers. Like the station, it is a listed building and has been renovated in 2009.


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Opening Times:
Daily. See railway timetables, visit website or telephone 0845 6061 660

How To Find:
By road: Off A5191, Castle Gates, in centre of Shrewsbury.


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