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Stockwell Bus Garage

A Grade II* listed bus garage built in 1952 when it was the largest unsupported area under one roof in Europe.


Period of construction:
1950 - 2000

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Binfield Road, London SW4 6ST


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Stockwell Garage is a large bus garage in south London. It was designed by Adie, Button and Partners, with the engineer A E Beer, and was opened in 1952.

On a cursory view of the exterior, it is typical of much of the architecture built in the post war reconstruction period in London around the Festival of Britain. There was a steel shortage at the time, so concrete was used for the roof structure instead of the steel girder structure which had previously been the norm for most garages.

However, at Stockwell the opportunity was taken to create a bravura piece of reinforced concrete design. The 393 ft (120 m) long roof structure is supported by ten very shallow "two-hinged" arched ribs. Each rib is 7 ft (2.1 m) deep at the centre of the arches, 10 ft 6 in (3.20 m) at the end, and spans 194 ft (59 m) Cantilevered barrel vaults between, topped by large skylights, span the 42 ft (13 m) between each pair of ribs. The vaults are crossed by smaller ribs to prevent torsion. Seen from the outside, the main arches are visible as outward-leaning buttresses, with a segmental curve to each bay forming a flowing roof line.

The garage provides 73,350 sq ft (6,814 m2) of unobstructed parking space and could originally house 200 buses. At the time of construction it was the largest unsupported area under one roof in Europe.

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Opening Times:
This is a privately owned garage and therefore not open to the public.

How To Find:

By Rail: From Stockwell Underground station it is a short walk up Binfield Road.

By Road: It lies in the angle between Binfield Road and Lansdowne Way off the A 203 South Lambeth Road. Stockwell Station is at the crossing of the A£ and the A203.


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