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Bathampton Toll Bridge and House

Functioning 19th century toll bridge and house


Period of construction:
1800 - 1849

Transport Trust plaque:

Transport Mode:

Mill Lane, Bathampton, Bath BA1 7QU


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The toll house at Bathampton Bridge is unusual in that it is still functioning as accommodation for a toll collector. It is thought to have been built for the Bridge Company Turnpike Trust in the 19th century and is in the form of a vernacular house of distinctive design.

It is of two-storeys on a rectangular floor plan, with a prominent porch. It has a gabled slate roof, with walls mainly of rough stone, mullioned windows with casements, an open gable porch with a square headed doorway. The toll board is in place.

Both the toll house and the bridge are Listed Grade II.


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Opening Times:
Access to the toll house is restricted

How To Find:
By road: Off A4, Gloucester Road


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