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Nene Viaduct, Peterborough

The last surviving cast iron structure on a main line.

Joseph Cubitt

Period of construction:
1800 - 1849

Transport Trust plaque:

Transport Mode:

Peterborough Station, Station road, Peterborough, PE1 1QL


Nearest Town:

Heritage Centre:

This is the last surviving cast iron railway bridge still in use on a main line. It was built to cross the river Nene on the southern approach to Peterborough Station. Built by Sir William and Joseph Cubitt, it consists of three arches with diamond lattice spandrels. The two piers each comprise six fluted iron columns in pairs.

The bridge carries two tracks and when the line was quadrupled in 1924 an additional quite separate steel trussed bridge was built alongside.


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Opening Times:
Visible at all times.

How To Find:
By Road: Best seen from a footbridge to the east over the river, accessible from Viersen Platz behind the ASDA store.

By Rail: Visible from a train on the Cambridge line between Peterborough Station and its passage beneath the main line.

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