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Ingatestone Station

A particularly attractive Tudor style station built in 1846 to satisfy the requirements of the local landowner.

Sir Henry Arthur Hunt

Period of construction:
1800 - 1849

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Station Lane, Ingatestone, CM4 0BW


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The Eastern counties Railway, forerunner of the Great Eastern was faced by an exceptionally greedy landowner in the form of Lord Petre, when it was building its main line from London to Chelmsford. Not only did he extract a record sum for the right of way, but he also insisted on the design of the station at Ingatestone to meet his personal requirements.

The first station was a temporary arrangement in a cottage near the railway while the superior facility was under construction. The result is a very attractive Tudor style building whose brickwork, stone dressings, and window glazing were in keeping with the nearby Hall. It was completed in 1846 though the designer is uncertain. It seems likely that it was H.A. Hunt who was working for the Great Eastern at the time and who designed similar buildings in Staffordshire.


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Opening Times:
Daily. See railway timetables, visit website or telephone 0845 600 7245.

How To Find:
By road: Off the A12 In ingatestone village.


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