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Nairn Station and Viaduct

Characteristic Highland Railway single storey station with an impressive viaduct nearby


Period of construction:
1850 - 1899

Transport Trust plaque:

Transport Mode:

IV12 4QS

IV12 4QS

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Heritage Centre:

The Inverness & Nairn Railway constructed a line as far as Nairn in 1855. The link through Forres and Elgin to Keith was built by the Inverness & Aberdeen Junction Railway in 1858. This company absorbed the Inverness & Nairn in 1861 and became a founder member of the Highland Railway in 1865. In 1885 a new station at Nairn was needed due to the town's growth as a resort.

The handsome station is built in stone in characteristic Highland Railway style, single storey, with crow-stepped gables at either end of the long low main building, one with a bay window on to the platform. The station os Listed Grade B. Also listed are the curved iron footbridge and the station-master's house. It displays the wealth and confidence of the period.

The viaduct over the river Nairn is of stone and designed like so many other Highland Railway structures by Joseph Mitchell (1803-1883). He was the son of the Chief Inspector who worked for Telford on the great road building programme in the highlands, and succeeded his father before turning to railways. It is an impressive structure with four 17 m (55 ft.) segmental arches.


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Opening Times:
Visible at all times.

How To Find:
By road: On B9090, Cawdor Road, the B9090. The viaduct is on the east of the town off the A96.


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