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Dolauhirion Bridge, Llandovery

A single arch stone bridge built in the 18th century on the site of a bridge which had existed since 1170.


Period of construction:
1750 - 1799

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Llandovery, SA20 0PA.

SA20 0PA

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As the river Towy winds down the steep valley between Rhandirmwyn and Llandovery, it passes under this magnificent 18th century bridge. Dolauhirion Bridge has medieval origins as there is mention of it in a 1370 manuscript. The present stone bridge has been described as architecturally brilliant.

It was built in 1773 by William Edwards builder of other single arch stone bridges in Wales, noteably that at Pontypridd. With a span of 30 m. it is a inspiring sight. It has the circular openings in the haunches of the bridge which are typical of this builders' work.

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Open at all times

How To Find:
By road: A turning off Heol Cilycwm about a mile north of Llandovery crosses the bridge.

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